Coronavirus: School Opening

29 May 2020

To all parents and carers

RE: Expanding opening dates for schools in the Lion Academy and Lion Education Trusts

In light of the government’s decision to seek to expand the numbers of primary aged children attending school before the summer break, the trust and local school leadership teams have worked extremely hard to define how best to support this taking place. 

You will have received letters from both Justin James, as the CEO, and from your local school leaders to set out how our proposed model will work and how this will take place. Having formally reviewed the detailed and robust risk assessments that each school has prepared - based on current government and Health England guidance, site information, availability of staff, social distancing requirements and stress-tested by our advisors and teams - we write as agreed to confirm the following:

All schools will continue to offer key worker provision for any children who are eligible either through having additional needs or being identified as being in a vulnerable group or who have parents who are key workers - as per the current provision;

  • All schools will open further to children in Year 1 and Year 6 from 8th June 2020;
  • All schools will open further to allow children in Reception from 15th June 2020; and
  • All pupils will continue to receive a steady, structured programme of remote learning to undertake at home.

The school-specific details of how this will work for your child in their specific school, their actual sessions and timings will be re-sent to the relevant year groups next week setting out the key details and updating the dates of the wider opening. This provision and organisation for Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 is unchanged other than the above starting dates.  Normal school communication protocols continue to be in place.

The decision as to whether to open the schools or not resides solely with the Trust Board as the legally constituted responsible body for our schools - this is not something that Heads or Parental Advisory Body members have the authority to do, however this decision has been made having considered all of the Departmental and Scientific advice available, the schools circumstances and key information from our schools. This included taking into account the detailed risk assessments provided per school site by the Head of School in consultation with staff, their Chairs and Safeguarding Link Governors. 

We will continue to monitor both the health and safety conditions in each school extremely closely, along with any emerging guidance from relevant bodies - the Department for Education, Public Health England or others.  Our overarching priority is, and will remain so,  is to ensure that our whole school communities, our pupils, colleagues  and families are safely able to access each of our schools.

These remain challenging times for us all. We thank you for your continued support and understanding - please be assured that we are doing everything possible to support the education of every one of our pupils in a safe and productive manner. 

Should you have any further specific queries or have any concerns please liaise directly with your Head of School through the school email or contact us via the LAT website.


Yours sincerely

For and on behalf of the Lion Academy and Lion Education Trust Boards

Roy Clare                                                                                Robin Thompson-Clarke

Chair, Lion Academy Trust                                                     Chair, Lion Education Trust