Music - Piano tuition

Music - Piano Tuition

At Sybourn Primary School children are provided with the opportunity to play a wide range of musical instruments through the delivery of the school's music curriculum. In addition to the music curriculum, we currently offer instrumental tuition in piano, delivered in collaboration with the Waltham Forest Music service (WFMS) as well as our own music teacher. The peripatetic instrumental teachers are an important and valued addition to Sybourn's Music curriculum. 

How are the children taught

Piano tuition is delivered through a variety of sessions throughout the school day. At present we have a variety of sessions ranging from, Individual sessions, paired sessions (2 children),  or group sessions (Children of 3 or more).

When and where lessons take place 

Children are provided with 10 weekly piano lessons per term. Lessons take place throughout the school day, but lessons are rotated to avoid children frequently missing the same lessons to ensure they receive a broad and balanced curriculum. 


The price for Piano tuition will depend on the type of session that you choose for your child;

Group tuition (3 or more children) = £5 per session
Paired tuition ( 2 children) = £7.50 per session
Individual tuition = £15 per session

For those parents who sign up for Piano tuition, Sybourn Primary will issue parents/carers with a contract explaining their terms and conditions as well as payment through Arbor. Full payment is required ahead of the terms tuition. 

If you would like your child to receive Piano tuition, or would like to enquire about your child learning another instrument, please speak to a member of the team where they will be happy to assist you further.